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In August 2013 I joined an agency called General Things, where I began working on projects for consumer electronics company GoPro. After 3 months at General Things, the company was acquired by GoPro. 

During my two years at GoPro, I worked on a wide variety of projects, including e-commerce pages, marketing campaigns and cloud-based video editing software.  Additionally, I assisted the company in hiring the senior director for my division (Software & Services User Experience) and in building out the team from two members to over 15.

Template Editor (2014)

An interface for using GoPro templates to edit video footage.


Clip & Share (2014-2015)

An interface for finding small clips within larger videos and sharing them to social networks. This project was eventually released as part of the Quik Desktop program.


Build Your Own Bundle (2015)

A tool for users to build their own perfect bundle of GoPro cameras and mounts/accessories.


Mounts + Accessories UX improvements (2015)

I set out to improve our Mounts+Accessories catalog:


Country Chooser (2015)

For users who are misplaced by automatic IP geolocation or ordering while abroad, a redesigned Country and Language chooser.


Gopro Awards (2015)

My presentation of Information Architecture and proposed Wireframes for the GoPro Awards project. 

See also: Case Study: GoPro Awards


Intimidation vs. Inspiration (2015)

A presentation of research findings around the GoPro brand and culture.


Gopro News Page (Inside Line) Redesign (2015)

I was tasked with bringing our News Blog into the 21st century. Before this, it had not been redesigned in over 3 years. (See previous version via My visual design explorations can be found here